AnsibleFest – Efficiency and Effectiveness Through DevOps Presentation

The Integration Team are pleased to announce that one of their consultants will be presenting at AnsibleFest 2017 in London!

The presentation – entitled “Efficiency and Effectiveness Through DevOps” – will discuss the British Army’s use of Ansible and Ansible Tower within the Army’s Private Cloud environment and how it has been used to streamline the Continuous Integration and DevOps functions.

The British Army has recently migrated to a cloud technology stack and implemented modern DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI) methodologies within the organisation. In late 2016 Ansible Tower was deployed to provide automation and orchestration capabilities within the Army’s private cloud environment. Ansible has enabled an enhanced level of control over both production and CI platforms, simplified complex tasks (thus enabling delegation) and minimised downtime.
In this talk, you will hear from Lt Col Dorian Seabrook, Head of Software Delivery, and Aidan Beeson, Linux Technical Architect, about the Army’s DevOps and Continuous Integration journey. Topics will include:

  • Why Ansible was selected as their defacto automation platform for managing their Red Hat Linux systems
  • How Ansible Tower provides a powerful, yet user-friendly, graphical interface with the required inbuilt security and access management capabilities
  • How Ansible integrates with the virtual infrastructure and enables the DevOps and CI methodologies to flourish
  • What type of time-savings and cost-savings effects they have experienced

Full details of AnsibleFest London are available on the AnsibleFest website.