AnsibleFest San Francisco – Using Ansible to Enable DevOps for the British Army

Aidan recently had the pleasure of flying out to San Francisco to present at AnsibleFest where 900+ people gathered for a day of DevOps and Ansible content. The presentation concentrated on the development of the IAS Branch’s DevOps capability using Ansible and Ansible Tower:

The British Army’s Information Application Services (IAS) branch had a requirement to provide an automation and orchestration capability which could bring modern DevOps and Continuous Integration methodologies into the Army Hosting Environment. Ansible Tower was implemented in late 2016 to improve control, knowledge and delegation which immediately improved the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the IT organization.

In this presentation you’ll hear how Ansible and Ansible Tower were utilised to provide:

  • A user-friendly DevOps capability over existing automation
  • Enhanced user access control
  • Improved security and centralized password management
  • Rapid deployment of patches and system updates
  • Improved security and centralized password management

You can watch his presentation on the Ansible Website.